約1年ぶりとなるNew Single『I’m Sorry』6.17にRelease!!

新曲「I’m Sorry」を6月17日にリリースします。

約1年ぶりとなるLUI BRANDのNew Single!!





感情的な歌唱力と表現力で、聴く人の心を揺さぶるでしょう。 穏やかなイントロから始まり、徐々に力強さを増していく楽曲の展開は、聴く人の感情を一気に引き込んでいきます。


しみじみとしたギターの優しい音色と、レゲエのドラムのリズムが曲の雰囲気に深みを与えています。 複雑な感情や人間関係の中で起こる葛藤や誤解について考えさせられる歌詞が魅力的です。






Have you ever said something to your family, friends, or loved ones that you didn’t mean and regretted but couldn’t quite say, “I’m sorry”?


The emotional vocals and expressive power of this song will move the hearts of those who listen to it. The development of the song, which begins with a gentle introduction and gradually grows in strength, will draw the listener’s emotions in at once.


The gentle tones of the sinewy guitar and the rhythm of the reggae drums add depth to the song’s atmosphere. The lyrics are appealing and make one think about complex emotions and the conflicts and misunderstandings that occur in relationships.


You will probably empathize with the lyrics, which are close to the inner heart that we have all experienced at one time or another!